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Caring for a newborn brings sleepy eyes, low patience level, a very messy house, lack of thought-out meals, and a general foggy feeling floating over my head. But, for me, it seems with each baby, I've grown very fond of doing it all. It passes so quickly. Before you know it, they're resting on your hip and on a nice little nap schedule. As I reflect on my newest little one, there's so many things I love about caring for a newborn:
  • Watching their tiny little chicken legs retract upward and their feet crossed over their belly
  • The beauty of nursing a fussy one to sleep
  • Hearing them breathe as they sleep on top of you
  • As their umbilical cord falls off, the sad sense that "they're growing up so quickly"
  • Dressing him in clothes I'm sure are going to fit, only to see them be way too big
  • Watching my house slowly fall apart, but knowing all three boys are happy is all that matters
  • Observing his little faces, and putting words to what he must be thinking
  • The stretching of the little one as he wakes up
  • How he is dwarfted by the car seat (which seemed so little a few weeks ago)
  • Quietness....


  1. good to hear from you my sweet daughter! Blessings! Your Momma

  2. Jula, I am so glad that you keep us in touch with your blog. I love seeing photos of you and your handsome, beautiful boys. Congratulations with love and hugs.

    Mama Morgan

  3. hey girl good to hear you are all doing well. thought of you tonight. like the new look of the blog.

  4. This is one of the sweetest reflections on life with a newborn that I can recall. I love that you sounded both overwhelmed by your love for him and very, very tired. It makes me long for just a touch of those sweet days again. Just a touch. All my best.


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