Advent Conspiracy

Check this out.

Our church was on board with this mission last year during Christmas, and are doing it again this year. I loved it. I thoroughly enjoyed Christmas because of it.

Go to the site, read about it, and be sure to watch the video on the right side.

Think about it.

Next, I'll let you know the very small things our family did to spend less & give more.


  1. okay, i've officially cried twice today. first, the TODAY show had this amazing story of a dad who surprised his daughter at the airport by returning from iraq early. oh, it was so sweet.

    and now, that video just got me. it's such good, simple idea and yet one that we need reminded of every year. i can't wait to experience this holiday season with more "time" and counting my blessings.

    maybe it's just getting older that i am realizing this more, but it really is the time and relationships with people that make the difference. thanks, julz...good post. :0)

  2. Hi! I was poking through Erin's blogroll and was pleasantly surprised to find your blog. :) You and Beau look great, and your children are beautiful (no surprise!). Congratulations on your newest little one! It sounds like you have a wonderful life, and are really enjoying being a great mom and wife. We did a mini "reunion" last weekend in Columbus, and it would have been so much fun to have you both there to catch up - maybe one day we will all be in the same place and can do it again...Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and send you all a virtual "hug" from an old friend. I hope wonderful things keep happening for you!


    PS - I'm laughing a bit - I feel like you and my sister-in-law are on the same pregnancy schedule. My two nephews and new niece are very close in age to yours (I love every second with them).

  3. wonderful to hear from you. I, too, look forward to one day catching up on one of these reunions. If we would ever venture to Ohio long could work. Much love and hugs passed your way as well!

  4. Julz, I love the advent conspiracy! I am anxious to hear about your simple ideas. I also enjoyed seeing that Crystal contacted you. How I miss the days when you and your friends were running in and out of the house! Love you Sweetie.


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