Some would say 38 weeks is much too late, but I'm filled with great joy to announce my little Baby E flipped head down! I had an ultrasound and appt this morning, which I've been preparing for all weekend. I was headed in ready to schedule a csection delivery and move forward toward meeting this little guy. I was in shock to see him head down.

I can be your official 'story' to tell friends about getting a breech baby to flip. I have no idea how it happened or when it happened. I've been doing the chiropractic thing, stretching like a cat, placing frozen peas on the little one's head, and this weekend I even did headstands in my friend's pool.

I'm so grateful. No explanation needed.


  1. Praise God!!! I want pictures of the headstand in the pool and the inverted Ironing Board Act! :) Love, Mom

  2. yea! I'm with dar--- 9mths preggers doing a handstand in a pool. priceless.... ;-)


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