Baby (hurricane) Watch

I am 39w 4d pregnant. It's been a whirlwind of a pregnancy (to me) and it just keeps getting more interesting. This whole year has been a season of trusting for me, and surrendering all things I can't control...but love to believe I can. The pregnancy has been no different. My baby boy is still head down, and I continue to be stunned by that 'turn' of events! Now, we are preparing for a hurricane headed directly at us. Did you know? The pressure from hurricanes cause women to go into labor. Seriously. I had no idea. Our family is headed inland for safety. We are taking all baby gear in tow, in case labor and delivery presents itself. So then, yes, I would be delivering in an unknown hospital with unknown doctor. Like I said....surrendering control. (trying not to freak out) If I'm still pregnant at the end of next week, we should be back home and I will be induced. We are thankful for your emails and phone calls showing great concern for our family.

..signing off for a bit.


  1. All my best to you. Can't wait to hear baby news.

  2. I will be there soon to help! It is comforting to know...God is in control! He has us in His Hands. Love and Hugs, Your Momma

  3. so- i hope you are well! and safe.

  4. Let's see some pictures of that boy!!! I miss you tons friend!


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