The Weekend...

Watching the Olympics, but slightly a little more addicting for us is the Little League World Series. We love it each August. Baseball is way more exciting when it's 11 and 12 year old boys.

Nesting still! Although it's dying off ever so slowly, and we're entering the 'waiting zone' soon. I have one last project to do: moving bins in/out of the attic...which will lead to lots of laundry of tiny boys' clothes. The nursery is complete and oh so babyish! I'll have to post pics when I get a chance, and I think the battery on my camera is dead.

Dating my husband. We're hoping for a date this weekend, but I've procrastinated on the babysitting part. Hopefully, it'll all work. Speaking of babysitters, I unfortunately must report to you that I think I'm officially not 'young married cool' anymore. (was i ever? yes!) I had one of our babysitters address me as "Mrs. _____________" the other day. Yes, I was slightly shocked. But then maybe a little relieved. Sweet, I can quit trying to be cool...because I'm obviously not. And the way I see it, being cool is way overrated anyways.

Trying to not look Amish. I wear skirts or dresses lots these days. They're light and breezy. But the summer shoe attire is killing my feet, because for me my shoes mostly consist of barefeet or flip-flops. I try to wear tennis shoes as often as possible, but I just can't do the skirt + tennis shoes thing. Like I said: trying to not look Amish.

Peeking at the boys while they're sleeping. Little L is officially on the bottom bunk of the new dino room. He loves it and has done so so well with it. He's still a sleepyhead and looks so cute all cuddled up with a pillow and covers. I guess they're officially brothers. B even falls asleep quick like usual, and we can hear L in there talking away to himself all the while B is crashed out on the top.

Ignoring the Brett Favre story. I'm slighly annoyed by it all. The hubbie and I had a conversation about it all last night. It can really produce some reflective conversation. Is this the real Brett Favre? Why are so many disappointed by his actions? Does it show a lack of stability in his life, something of purpose beyond himself and beyond football? So many athletes retire, then return; but with's different, it just is.

Praying for constant direction with parenting choices, what our spiritual community will be in the Fall, and for continued freedom within this abundant life.


  1. I've been wondering how L was doing in his new room with B. Happy to hear all went well and like you said it couldn't have gone any worse than it did with B.

    And yes Julz don't do the the skirt and tennis shoe thing. Even though you are hot and very prego just don't do it.

    I'm off to get my hair chopped. I'll tell you how it goes.

    Have a great weekend Mrs. H!

  2. Olympics-Caught the end last night... So Cool! The guy who "ran" around the top of the stadium with the torch....Oh my goodness! I am looking forward to gymnastics.

    Nesting - Wish I was there to help. ;(

    Dating - Wish I was there to babysit for your date nights.

    AMISH - Now that was a funny one! All you need is a bun!
    Born has some great sandals out?

    Peeking - Ahhhhh I want to peek too.

    Brett Favre - (is that his name?) Okay you know how much I know about this.... he retired and... he is back. :)

    Praying - Praying for you and your family makes you seem a bit closer and me not so far away!

    Love your Blog! Love YOU!

  3. OH and the Mrs. H thing! How funny... I can only smile! How did my little girl become Mrs. H. :)

  4. Julie, i have heard people RAVE about how comfy these shoes are...check them out! :)

  5. don't do it, julz. don't do skirts and tennies!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. i checked out those fit flops... how about the style that is the hiking boot/sandal? Those would look awesome with your skirts Julz!

    Seriously they do look comfy and you could wear them with a skirt without the fashion police coming after you :)

  7. hey! i love reading your blog. love it. seriously. i have had the mrs. pop out at me, and i am glad that it happened because i find it weird when they call me kristin (only one has done that). most of the sitters leave me name-less, but that is what i did while growing up it's that awkward- you tell me to call you -blank- and i know i should respect you as an elder.

    i wish i could peek on #1. he wakes up immediately. he's so handsome when i catch him sleeping. i'm definitely in love with him in sleep mode (well, in all modes). #2 sleeps and his lower lip moves like he has his pacifier in his mouth. *adorable*

    stay cool (i've always that you were super cool!)


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