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I've been considering posting about TV electronics for a short time now. The scenario is...we (my husband) is wanting to consider (buy) a new television. Our current TV is nice, still works, and has a nice picture; but it is 'old' as far as TVs go. It's tube in the back and weighs like 600 lbs. Do you have this type of TV set still? Does it just feel like it or are we the only ones without a thin, light, widescreen TV? Oh yea, and we don't have Tivo, or DVR...I'm not even sure how to work it. But seriously, back to the TV set. Of course, this consideration of purchase comes right on the cusp of college football season beginning. Which as most of you know, I am equally excited if not more educated on the upcoming season. Our TV doors remain mostly shut for days upon days, except Sept-Jan. And this year, it's just going to work our perfect with a nursing newborn....2 great reasons to stay put on the couch.
So the consideration continues, will we or won't we buy a new TV? I have a hard time making a large purchase for something when the product we're replacing still is in great working condition. Although, on some levels, this probably isn't true. I did just replace many many walls of paint color...when the previous walls were in great working condition.


  1. you guys are not the only ones with an "old school tv" , no tivo or DVR. we are right there with you along with our very basic cable. how much would I love to have all the channels in the world right now to see Olympics 24/7? Awwww I'm in the same predicament with a kitchen table. Don't really need one yet (soon though) but I want one now. I have it picked out!

  2. Sounds like you're going through the age-old conflict between "Need vs. Want." I'm sure it would be simple just to go out and buy a nice new tv, but perhaps a way to compromise would be "earn" it by doing something positive in your community. I know your pregnant and busy, but what if you made some meals for a church member who has fallen ill, or the hubby ( is there something else I can call my childhood friend? Hubby is weird.) could donate blood? Perhaps volunteer to go visit/deliver flowers to patients in the hospital? As always, you could donate the old tv as well. I know you're supposed to volunteer out of the goodness of your heart and not expect the return reward... I'm just perhaps adding a suggestion in conquering the "need vs want" battle. If you have to "work" for it a little bit, it might make it easier to purchase??


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