I am tired...

because I'm pregnant.

but mostly because of these Olympics and more specifically, Michael Phelps. Are you watching? Did you stay up to see the 4x100 Free Relay. It was amazing and I'm sure will be one of the top Olympic highlights. Check out a thoughtful Olympic post with a great pic of the swimmers in pure celebration.


  1. i know! we were up until midnight last night watching gymnastics! so tired today!!

  2. i totally watched the 4x200 and it was craziness. so good. and we watched some gymnastics. i definitely felt my heart pop into my throat a couple of times while watching those girls fly into the sky. glad they didn't get hurt while i was watching

  3. I, too, have olympicsitis. N and I are up until midnight each night for gymnastics, swimming, whatever happens to be on. If it weren't so darned exciting we could actually turn it off. Even L stays up some nights. We're all suffering. But it's totally worth it!

  4. Mrs H.

    I know you're not a "tv watching" kind of family, but Tivo or DVR works wonders... ;-)

    I love the olympics. I wonder if it were every year... would we think it was as special?
    And BTW-- you have far too much natural beauty to ever look amish... wear tennis shoes if you must.. I see no problem with it, albeit I was a tennis player and skirts with tennis shoes went hand in hand. Again, what you wear in the next 6 wks while being very pregant isn't going to warrant a visit from Stacy and Clinton. ;-) (What Not to Wear- tv show.)


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