New Rooms-pt 1

I thought I'd keep ya'll updated on our room re-dos. This room has gone through major transformations in the short time we've been in this house. Thanks to my gracious patient hubbie as I've changed my mind a few times! It came with the house a nice brown, which I got sick of real quick. So, we tried the whole stripe thing (twice!)....neither one coming out how I hoped. I just didn't like the brown. I finally took my time and chose very wisely before painting again. Now the boys' room is complete. The bunk bed is relocated on a better wall, the brown walls are long gone, new simple window treatments, a dino theme, and a super home built shelf. I don't have a pic of the final look........complete with dino appliques and great blown up pics of the boys up on the shelf. Ta-da! Boys' room! Now I just need to muster up the courage to remove my sleepyhead L from his crib...into big boy bed. We're beginning the makeover on the nursery this weekend! Fun times.


  1. Love the boys room! Can't wait to hear stories about L and his "new" room. I love how B is so excited that his younger brother is moving into his bedroom...that he now calls it "their" bedroom, or "our" bedroom. So cute and so sweet! What a heart! Also, I must add... I can't wait to rock and sing to E in his new room!

  2. nice job julz (& beau!) that green is my favorite color. where did you get those bunk beds. i see bunks beds in our future.


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