Mamma's Visit

The boys call my Mom, Mamma.......2 syllables, first syllable rhyming with ham. It's what Brody came up with when he couldn't say Grandma. And it's stuck! We were graced with her presence last week and it was wonderful. The boys love her! She sits with them, talks to them, plays with them, runs with them and buys them a few toys. I also scheduled a small shopping outing one morning, which was fun...but tiring for this one! We swam with her, rode bikes together, endured the southern heat, and even prepared for a hurricane! Thanks for visiting Mamma! See you again soon. We love you.
Mamma always gets the most fun pics of the boys. They will do things for her, that of course they don't do for Mom.


  1. I love those boys SOOOOO Much!!!!! I mean... SOOOOO Much! Thank you for having me into your home and your life! I so appreciate the time! What a wonderful God we have to bring me safely to you...then safely back home again!

  2. It's funny- I see a lot of your dad and your brother in these photos! It looks like you guys were having a blast!


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