Summer plans!

We've officially recovered from vacation. I don't know why all vacations need a 'recovery' period, but nonetheless....they do, especially with kids. Now, we are moving full steam ahead into summer, extreme nesting on my part, staying cool, and gearing up for baby boy 3, Baby E. I love all things summer: heat, flip-flops, beach, sand, water, laid-back mentality, long nights, and ice-cream. I do have some plans for the summer, though. Even amidst a laid back summer style, I seem to always accomplish much in the summer. Probably due to my high spirits and summer adrenaline rush! Some of our summer 'ventures will include:

  • creating 'design on a dime' makeovers for the boys' bedrooms. This will also include a moving of Little L to Big B's room. So we thought we'd spruce it up a bit, give it a new theme (dinos!) and a new paint color (green) to make Little L feel some ownership.

  • nesting! Due to my obsession with organization, pregnancy just kinda takes it to a whole new level as I nest, nest, nest! I just painted a bench this past weekend for no apparent reason. The color on it was perfectly fine, but it just needed a new baby, new color, new bench. It's all the same to me.

  • Schooling Big B. summer school break for us. Not that schooling a 4 year old is that much 'book work'. I am continuing to strategically school him through the summer. A homeschool mentor gave me such great advice on this one....."with baby coming in September", she said, "you might want to school through the summer, then in Sep-Nov you can be on a 'break'." Genius!

  • I'm involved in 2 summer studies: one on marriage and the other is primarily with college girls (love them!). We're reading the book Search for Significance.

  • welcoming ALL visitors! Come on down to the heat.

  • I have high hopes of catching up on my family albums. As of a year ago, I had not placed a pic in an album for 3 1/2 years. Since then, I've completed 2 albums and going strong! I would love to be caught up before the baby arrives, but right now Little L is not even born. I'm going to keep pushing forward though. I'm headed to an all night (6-12midnight) picture crop this Friday. And I plan on doing one a month all summer. For someone who doesn't drink coffee, I think I'll just need lots of chocolate to stay awake!

  • Hopefully, many date nights with the hubby and an anniversary celebration!

  • Water sprinklers with the boys and popsicles in the evening.

Welcome Summer!


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