a way late Mother's Day post...

As I reflect on my Mom, you must know some beautiful things about her.

I love the Grandma she is to my boys. She is truly interested in knowing their little beings and spirits that God has given them. She makes no assumptions that she already knows them just because she's 'Grandma'. She treats them like little adults who have great interests, strengths and things to share. I see them enjoy her because they feel known by her.

I love her fashion sense. Neither my mom nor I are that fashionable, but if one had to be chosen...she is more. I depend on her for helping me out with being a little trendy and trying new things out. I think if it wasn't for our random shopping sprees, I would still inevitably be stuck with a closet of great jeans, gray t-shirts, and flip-flops or Birkenstock. Literally...nothing else.

I love her sayings.....

  • Assume people are doing the best with what they know.

  • You only know the life you've lived.

  • You'll figure it out.

I like that last one. So simple. But somehow encouraging, ever since I was young, when I'd be sharing an upcoming decision or recent dilemna. Sometimes she'd simply say, "you'll figure it out." It made me feel unrushed.

Most of all I love the person and mom she's still becoming.

Happy Mother's Day Mom!


  1. Love my Mama Dar!!! Nothing like being a mom to really make you appreciate your mom!

  2. i love your mom too! so thoughtful.

  3. How blessed am I to have her as a best friend! I have used her wise sayings in my life often enough. Love you all...

  4. Wow, as tears run down my face I am a bit speechless. I have your peekaboo blog spot set up as my home page on my laptop, so I can see those grandsons smiles first thing! As I scrolled down the really great and fun pics of B's Birthday and your and Beau's birthday I was stopped in my tracks when I started reading something about me..... Saying Thank You to you just seems so.... shallow... saying I love you more than anything in the world, or SO MUCH, and value everything about our relationship would be more appropriate. I am so blessed that God chose me to be your Mother. I love how we learn from each other. Of course I could go on and on.... but thanks Julz.... for your love, understanding and "daughtership". :) All my Love and Big Fat Hugs. Your Momma


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