lone ranger

It seems I will continue on as my lone ranger woman self in our precious family. The baby God is so delicately working on right now in my belly is indeed ANOTHER BOY! Somehow, now that our count is up to 3. I feel we are more than ever...officially....a boy family. Wow. 3 sons.

We couldn't be more excited about our adventures ahead! (and a little scared....how am I ever going to feed them all??!!)


  1. Boy #3- YEAH!!! I am so thrilled for you. Hope all is well. Miss you bunches!!!

  2. LOL! Of course you're having another boy!!! Congrats! I can only imagine the amount of MILK you will go through!

  3. So excited about baby boy #3. Yes, you'll really have to shop the commissary in about 10 years. I'll bet B and L are so excited! Nick is the youngest of three boys--all two years apart and they are great friends. How blessed you are!


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