happy birthday...again!

Our family of 4 has all of our birthdays within a 4 week span. We just celebrated my husband's last week with lemon cake (boys' favorite part) and a date out. We tried out a restaurant that's on the water in a small fishing beach town....about 20 miles away. It looked great and the atmosphere was just what we love....flip-flops, breezes, and marinas. But the restaurant is closed on Tuesdays, the day we were there. So, we tried a similar one next door. Still a treat!

Our big boy B is having his 4th birthday soon. Wow. Although still a couple weeks away, I do have some time right now and thought I'd introduce you to all things that make him super special....

He is my greatest helper in the kitchen. I truly wonder if 'chef' is in his future. He knows many technical cooking terms, is always interested in every ingredient's name and its purpose, and ready to stir, pour or mash at any moment. He really goes beyond the typical 'help mommy in the kitchen'. He made all of my meatballs the other day!

His interest in learning new things is exciting, but sometimes exhausting. He is a thinker!

He has recently been riding a big boy 2 wheel bike. He loves it!! I can already see his little 'adventurous explorations' taking place on a bike someday. We are borrowing the bike from a neighbor, but he has a new shiny one coming for his birthday. First real bike!

He continues to look like his Daddy at first overall glance, but with deeper studies...one will see much of me and my brothers in him.

He seems to be a silent leader with his peers. This is so comical to watch...with his little personality. It's like he's the one the kids slowly start following and mimicking an action he's doing. But B has no idea or hope of this happening, and when he turns around and notices....it's as if he has a shy embarrassed emotion, yet a little pleased with his surprised following....then quickly a little annoyed because he's not totally into 'group activities'.

He's fully himself with much of both his Daddy and I....he's a little quirky, very stubborn, highly analytical, has a tender heart, loves hugs, enjoys a schedule, loves to adventure, hesitant to try something without watching first, a singer, a chef, a marine biologist, and simply all....just B.


  1. Love seeing those handsome, sweet boys. Life is good!!!

    love you, Mama M.

  2. Please take no offense, some of the most precious time I spent in TX with your family was with this little man. He's a very sweet boy...love him.


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