final bday celebrations!

Big boy B's birthday was a blast! It was all aquatic and sharks. He was up at 6:30am the morning of the party, at the side of our bed with swimming shorts on ready for the party. He had a few emotional breakdowns waiting for his friends to arrive. In his words, he said "I think I am crying because my heart is just SO excited for my party." I love his ability to articulate what he's feeling. His friends soon arrived and he was more than delighted to be turning 4!

The hubbie and I also celebrated our birthdays. He more than blessed me and made me feel greatly loved! That's a pic of us.....fresh 29 year olds! And I added a bonus belly pic for all you curious ones out there. I'm 23 weeks. And already HOT in this southern heat. I seriously had a fearful moment the other day thinking about August.


  1. ALL of you look wonderful! Don't worry about August, just stay inside. You won't feel like going outside anyway!

    love and and BIG birthday hug,

    Mama M.

  2. Happiest of birthdays to you all and to the most special one you are anticipating. You look beautifully pregnant as always. I think I've known you through mostly pregnant days. :)

  3. Julz, You and Beau look the same!!! I see the picture of you 2 and I'm back in high school again! Love the pic of you and your mom, too!

  4. Julz I am more than impressed with that "sharky" cake! Thumbs up for sure!!! Those teeth are a bit too real, what did you use? I assume that is B's friend with him J? I don't think B's smile could have been any bigger it would have smiled off his face! He had to LOVE that cake! Wish we could have been there! Wish I could be there everyday! :)

    Hugs, Your Mama aka Momma ( after all these years I think I spell that wrong... I see that Jaima and Mama Morgan spell it Mama... and they are WAY smarter than me, so I will go with that. :))))

  5. adorable pictures, such a cute family! and i love the belly!! good job on the cake. and mama can spell momma however you want!:) love to all!

  6. love the belly pic of you and boy #3! and the shark cake as everyone had mentioned is really good. i have to admit Julz I am impressed with your skills on the decorating.


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