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It seems I've been busy with actual real people! (can you believe it) and have left the computer screen for some time. I thought I'd clue you into our happenings, with a boring warning of no pics. As I read others' blogs, they seem to always be more entertaining due to pictures. I'm slowly coming to terms with my over-usage of words and under-usage of pictures. Not only do I not snap pics enough, I hardly ever download them. Although I will say, once I do download them...I get them quickly ordered and as of late, I'm trying to get caught back up on my family photo albums. I'm not crafy with them anymore (sadly), I merely see myself as our family historian. How are the future generations going to know about us, if all our pics are stuck in cyberspace?

Some random things to note:
  1. My momma is here visiting and we couldn't be more thrilled! We plan on playing!! Also, the hubby and I are headed off for a 2 day marriage conference. And lastly, we'll be celebrating little L's birthday. Wow!
  2. Just last week, I had a dear friend/former college roommate visit for the ENTIRE week. What a blessing! She blessed me and my boys. As our life continues to move us around and we've met more than our fair share of extraordinary folks; there's still no friends like old friends. Her and I not only decided we're getting 'older', but we designated ourselves old friends.
  3. Our family has been on a TV break since March 12th. The doors have been shut...okay, except for March Madness. But primarily for the sanity of my older B, who somehow out of nowhere was becoming a TV junkie. I had to put a stop to it. And for was cold turkey. And believe it or not, it was not that big of deal and he has been beyond description a different boy. I'm a little tired, my house is a little messier, and dinner is never quite ready....but we are engaging face to face all day. And the number of books he wants at the library has nearly tripled. It's pretty humorous to watch as he tries to carry them all, as if he's thinking, "my mom won't let me do anything but read and play, so I better get alot of these books!"
  4. My pregnancy is at 17 weeks. Wow! I'm feeling great. So nice. And my mom just brought an entire suit case full of maternity clothes from yet another dear 'old friend' up in Buckeye land. Thank you! My previous 2 pregnancies were entirely through the winters of Maine. I'm in desperate need of clothes.
  5. I bought a Teen Magazine last week. Yep, true blue Teen magazine....filled with many teeny bopper stars I don't know. It's for 'research' for a youth weekend we're planning. I feel as if I"m researching a whole 'nother culture. Fun stuff.
  6. I have a new found strong dislike for grocery shopping...even without children, I just don't like it. A primary factor is because I live where the only choice of store is a huge box store. Do not like them. Whoever thought it was a good idea to make a grocery store a total of 9 miles to simply walk the aisles? My whole experience is not enjoyable. It is too big with too many choices and by the time I realize something I forgot, and it's on the complete opposite end of the store and little L is officially losing it and I've already thrown my entire snack collection at him, I don't want to go back for it! And why, please tell me, are the baskets which are attached to those oversized driving carts so small. Do they not know that if someone is voluntarily choosing a driving cart that bumps into everything at every turn with 2 small children, they are most likey buying alot of groceries and need a big area to put them all. Let's face it, I am and always will be a local shopping/farmers market girl. I miss living where those options exist. I like short aisles and smaller selection, and I don't need a 'one stop shopping'. I never make it out of the grocery area and my driving cart can't make the sharp turns over to your other areas!
  7. I plan on posting a pic of my attempt at little L's bday cake. It should be fun! He wants a basketball cake.

Well, I hope where you live Spring is arriving and joy is in your heart as you live out your day that was chosen for you!


  1. Oh friend... How opposite we are! ;-) While I find pictures on blogs endearing and they make me smile, I look for content. Pictures show me how cute your kids are... But they don't tell me how you're doing. I like hearing about grocery store traffic jams, tv strikes and the like, b/c if we were in the same city, I would hear about this in person... Reading about it helps bridge the gap.
    As for grocery stores-- you have a valid point, but I love them nonetheless. I cringe when I head home and struggle to find marcapone cheese, pancetta and fresh tortillas! I could do without the other crap there, but give me a big food selection. I'm picky... I need it ;-)

  2. Amen about the grochery store -_- I can't help but appreciate how clean HEB is, though--whenever I go to Sunharvest I feel like the food is old and rotten (and some of it was I almost bought the other day, ew!)


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