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Little L, who just really is not so little anymore, is cracking us up most days right now. He's just a ball of personality and humor. We've been introducing potty training to him, which in our house means you just talk, talk, talk, about all things involving the potty. We ask him everyday if he would like to wear underwear and use the potty, he says, "nope". But lately he really does want to wear underwear, only if it's over his diaper and clothes. He thinks it's the best! So, we just go with it. Small steps.


  1. That's a riot! He is getting SO big. Thanks for sharing the stories. Stories bridge the gap between Maine and Texas!

  2. Hey looks like our house! Except Mason is only wearing his undies. No clothes just the undies even outside to play. Yeah, the whole neighborhood knows were potty training!

  3. Too cute! I love little Lu's hair!! I think 95% of the conversations at our house are about pee and poo!

  4. hey julie, this is julie wagner (for 7 more days, then julie giove!) back from PHS days. I am so glad I found your blog again, through the links on aubrey's blog, which i found from facebook...gotta love the internet! I have enjoyed catching up on your life....pretty full, huh? I noticed some of the books you listed 'on your nightstand' were from Josh Harris and the Mahaneys. I am living in Germantown, MD and am a member at Covenant Life Church here in Gaithersburg where Josh is the senior pastor. It is amazing to hear him just about every week. CJ preached the Easter message last week which was incredible!! I love their books, and they also have a podcast of the sunday messages if you are interested. Also tons of free downloads on if you haven't been there (this might be all old news to you!) Anyway, there are alot of messages on there by the Mahaeny women as well which have been very helpful! All the audio messages based on Feminine Appeal are on there as well. If you haven't checked out their most recent book, it's great (and not super long) and called "Shopping for Time: How to do it all and not be overwhelmed"...great read...priorities and what should really be on our "to do lists" I've rambled long enough. So glad you and your family are doing well!


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