I talked to my Mom Saturday morning in the great Buckeye State of O-H-I-O. We chatted about our activities for the day. We were headed to buy spring flowers and begin planting our front gardens for the spring/summer. It was then I heard my Mom laugh at the extreme differing climates we currently reside in.....they were watching a blizzard out the window.

I actually got sunburnt on Saturday while working outside.



  1. It WAS CRAZY. My section of Columbus got 22 inches!!!
    I'm jealous of your sunshine ;-)

  2. Do you miss Maine when you hear about snow? It's a special place, but I have to say I wouldn't trade my 70-degree FL afternoons for these blizzards.

  3. and this is one reason i don't miss ohio...a blizzard in march! yeah, we were doing yard work too out here in Cali.


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