a day of sickness

Our household has been fighting colds/cough/pink eye for quite a few days now. Yesterday, I thought we were on the upswing, but this morning everyone woke up worse than ever! The fun all began at 6am.

Do you have days where you are certain you have not influenced your children at all in any goodness? There's been no laughter. You haven't trained any minds into righteousness, or done any shepherding of their sweet hearts into all things beautiful. What you have done is push the stop/play button over and over and over again. And you just keep doing it, because everyone seems quite happy about it.

That is our day.

My little one even crashed on the couch at about 10:45am. He was right next to me and I didn't even realize he had fallen asleep until he crashed down onto my belly....face up.....sound asleep. When my bladder could no longer take the pressure, I carried him to bed. He woke up, of course. But, of course, he was pleased to see his bed and curled up immediately to fall back asleep. Now, 2 hours later...he's still sleeping. As most of you know, I am constantly humored by the extreme opposite children I have when it comes to their love/hate relationship with sleep. The two will be sharing a room at some point and I just dread the day. I know their sleep habits are going to be at war.

Well I think my older B's video is ending....again. Better go do my great heroic duty of the day. Press the button.


  1. LOL! you are so funny, jula. i think we've all had those days. :) hang in there, hope you all are feeling better soon!

  2. Keep heart my friend! Sick Hufstetler boys-Sadness. If Brody gets a rash don't take him to play at the playground. Oh wait, I did that already!!!

  3. Sweet girl....sometimes it is hard to see the big picture when we are immersed in the day to day stuff. You are a good mama and it is ok, even needed, to have a "down" day. How else can we appreciate the good ones??

    Love and a hug to all of you,
    Mama M.

  4. no worries friend. the play button is almost worn out on our dvd player.you are not alone! hope everyone is healthy now.

  5. Hi Julie,

    It's Aunt Sheri. I have ejoyed sharing your family and just wanted to tell you what a wonderful mother you are. Good mom's need a "time out" every now and again. Especially pregnant mom's with two active boys!

    Love and hugs to All!!


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