February is drawing to a close rapidly, and I must say I'm excited. It's been a tiring month, and sometimes even wintery blue. Even though down here where we live, winter isn't much more than a few cold fronts. I'm still ready for all things spring and summer. It's funny how our climate remains warm, but the feeling around is still slow and winter-like.

Well, I thought I would make a formal baby announcement...cause I know some out there have not caught the news. We are pregnant with Baby3. I am already nearing in on 12 weeks, and we just had our first ultrasound. The baby is already looking very 'babyish'. How exciting!

I have been horribly nauseous, beyond tired, and just plain cranky most days. I'm trying to be a happy pregnant person, but the truth of the matter is...I'm just not. My second pregnancy was an absolute breeze. I think our mental state effects it all, ya know. I was surrounded by wonderful friends throughout my second pregnancy and serving beyond my own capacity in an amazing church plant in Maine. Looking back, I can't help but think how the eternal bread was filling me up. We've only been in our present location for less than a year, I'm farther than family than ever, and there's also adjusting to a new doctor/hospital. Oh no...I think I'm complaining.

I'm hoping as winter closes out, so does my nausea and my pregnancy blues. I really am more than excited and blessed to have a healthy baby growing within me. It's only by His grace we are formed.


  1. Hey we are blogging at the same time!

    So the ultra sound...only one? I was thinking I was going to be sending matching baby clothes to you!

    So happy everything is well with the baby...I think it is a girl!

  2. yay! congratulations. take it easy and one step at a time. you may look back at this time in a few years and see how much God planned this season just for you and baby #3! i will pray for a safe 2 months left!

  3. I am beyond thrilled for you! Maybe you can just move back to Maine for this pregnancy as well!! I miss you greatly! We did have lots of fun times waiting for Lucas to make his entrance. I wish you good health and good times. Blessings to you. Have a family hug for me!!!

  4. Congratulations! How exciting to venture down that parental path in a new ways. Each baby is so different even when he/she comes from the same place. I totally identify with pregnancy blues--had that feeling for about four months with each pregnancy. Rest assured, you'll soon be holding a tiny bundle, once again overwhelmed by the beauty of God's creation of a new and perfect little life.

  5. Congratulations on baby #3. I pray that you will find a dr that will meet all of your needs and allow you to have this baby the way YOU need to do it!! I hope you don't mind that I have been reading your blog. I found it through Pastor J's. I hope life is treating you well and I have so enjoyed catching a glimpse into your life!!
    Lisa Mauldin

  6. Hey I thought you might like to know that I shared your excited news with Olivia Swan and she was so excited. She says she misses you and hopes you are doing well.


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