Not much new here. Or rather there's always new things going on, but I hesitate to believe they're of interest to any readers. That's a sad thought. I mean isn't that one of the great purposes of share about extraordinary happenings in our life with friends, family and readers. Those who take the time to read probably don't find our mundane everyday abundance as meaningless as I think they do.

As I've mentioned before, I have an 'under the counter iPod dock kitchen radio player thing'. It is wonderful! And I think all moms should own one. There's nothing better than sitting on the floor with toys scattered everywhere, and great music in the background. I've even organized playlist according to the flow of my day. My current favorite is 'simplify life'. This usually gets played almost every day around the 4pm hour, with a lit candle in the kitchen. Naps are over, dinner is far from ready, and we all just need to simplify life a little. It includes some Norah Jones, Something Like Silas, Jack Johnson, Tyrone Wells...and even a few classical pieces. Or as B calls them, 'orchestra'. I also have the song my hubbie and I danced to at our wedding. I know, I'm diggin' deep here for anything that will soothe my spirit in the 'making of dinner' hour. I do admit though, that song still makes me smile on the inside and out.

Discontentment seems to creep in too much right now in my heart. It pops its ugly head at various times throughout the day. I can be playing in the morning, and wishing for lunchtime, or eating lunch with the boys and wishing for naptime. Or it can be Tuesday, and I'm wishing for Thursday. This robs me quickly of of contentment in the little things of my life. I don't like it. And I'm convinced the only way out of it is praying for a heart of contentment.

We practiced letters today with a wipe board. I purchased B his very own, and he was in love with it from first glance. I think he tried to write his letters with more freedom, knowing he could wipe them away very then there's no concern for getting it 'just right'. Also, no lines to write in or stay inside. Fine motor skills are hard enough for young hands, let alone boys. I think it was successful. He made the best 'B' of his life!


  1. we have our ipod in our kitchen too. let me tell there is some great dancing that goes on in our kitchen! tell Brody that is a great "B". so proud!

  2. first of all, great "B", Brody. :) second, i know what you mean about discontentment. it's yucky. and i do it too. i've been thinking about a post from the "girl talk" blog that you turned me on to that talked about "faithfulness even when we don't see the fruit" espeically in motherhood and wife-hood. it's a good way of thinking about your day with your kids. knowing that what you're doing right now will have (hopefully!) great effects on them later.

  3. I am reading a great book called "Cold Tangerines-celebrating the extraordinary nature of everyday life" by shauna niequist. Your blog brought this quote from her to mind..."What God does in the tiny corners of our day-to-day lives is stunning and headline-making..." Thanks for sharing. I read your blogs and pretend we are sitting drinking coffee and chatting like we use to do!


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