the golden arches

We did something momumental with our family this past weekend. A 'first time ever' type outing. We took the whole fam to McDonald's for dinner and play. We still can't believe we did it. For those of you who may not fully understand, not only do we not eat McDonald's. I'm also slightly 'germ-o-phobic', a little freakish with the tall play structures, and dislike loud TVs with inappropriate stuff on kids' view. Brody has been asking to go to McDonald's to 'play'. They just built a brand new one by our house. We drove by one day and he noticed the great indoor play area (which wasn't so great), after discovering the name of the place...he's been asking to go ever since.

So, we arrived and played for a little bit. The dining area was quite spiffy, modern and new. Upon entering the play area, which also has a few dining tables in it...the floor and every table in it was trashed with fries, burger pieces, and other unrecognizable objects. Brody did enjoy playing and Lucas tried to keep up. I wasn't overly impressed with the play structure....if you're thinking 'Chic-fil-A', don't.

The highlight of the night was when we sat down to eat....outside of the play area. Yes, I dragged a high-chair for L into the spiffy dining area away from the play area. So, I opened Brody's burger for him and he says, "Mommy, this doesn't look like a cheeseburger!". M: "I know, sweetie, just eat it." B: "But it looks kinda different."

Upon leaving, Brody's last remark, "I want to come back and play here again, but I don't want their food."

For about an hour after arriving home, Brody and Lucas kept asking for more and more water to drink. Two words: sodium overload.

Ok, so now that I may have offended a few people. The above is our true story of our first family outing to McDonald's.


  1. that is such a huge blessing! that your kiddo doesn't like the food. yay! ever since owen has been eating people food i have been making more real dinners, though, and that is now what i crave. real food. controlled flavor. it's nice. we'll see how long we can avoid the fast food joints!

  2. ah, a little grease doesn't hurt. builds character! :)


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