Christmas in Ohio

We celebrated Christmas in OH (cold and snowy!)...all happening actually before Christmas, which worked out really well by the way. In the past, we stayed in Maine one Christmas. And although it was nice not to travel, it was frankly a little lonely. Not to mention, on Christmas Day I walked around wondering where all the yummy Christmas treats were and then realized, I needed to bake them. This year, having returned from our travels on Christmas Eve...and being very tired, stuffed with food, and socially over stimulated. We were more than happy to stay in our jammies all day Christmas, see no one, and eat very light!

Some highlights from OH included visiting with friends...namely my dear childhood best friend, Jaime. We grew up dancing together, and through the many changes of life, our friendship has been graciously preserved. What a blessing! We did a playdate lunch with our kids and hubbies, and then even a late night coffee chat.

Also, my parents' annual Christmas Open House. This was more hectic than years past due to family and friends continuing to birth children. There were kids everywhere! I guess the final count of heads celebrating Jesus together was 55! It was pure fun. An old story from Grandpa Albert who also celebrated his 95th birthday, connecting with old friends which is very manageable in small town OH, and seeing family.

We did family pics one day, which came out amazingly well!

There were of course gifts, but due to our request of having all gifts mailed and we, too, mailed all gifts in advance...this helped our visit be very focused simply being together. Relationships are the best gift!

The boys did awesome on the flights. Brody was the traveler of the family. The idea to stay seated and merely observe out the window suited his personality to a 'T'. Lucas was a little fiesty and wiggly, but thankfully the longer flights (both ways) were right around his naptime. And he'll always choose sleep when he's reached his limit. Brody was amazed there was a 'potty' on the airliner, and had to follow Daddy back to it everytime Daddy used it. When awake, Lucas made friends with everyone and kept me on my toes while in the airports. I am considering those horrible 'leash' things for next time.

2008 is coming. Happy New Year!


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