Merry Christmas! (in Numbers)

7 weeks till baby boy four. 

3 special kids' hot chocolates at bookstore today, while browsing books together. 

1 delightful surprise Christmas date yesterday, seeing the Nutcracker and having a very adult cuisine lunch. 

1 I love him so much husband who took me on date. 

2 parents visiting and joyfully celebrating with us. 

Countless family and friends we miss. 

1 dog we still own, and sometimes I can't believe it.  But we love him. And I am thankful he is so easy. 

6 windows in baby's room finally have rods and curtains ready for him to sleep in darkened delight. 

1 baby boy's nursery slowly being decorated with bright bold colors. 

1 baby boy whose name means bold and brave. 

12 cinnamon rolls rising and ready to bake in the morning. 

7 breakfast burritos wrapped and ready to eat in the morning. 

3 sleepy excited boys tucked snug in their room. 

2 parents.  peaceful in the glow of the lights.  

1 Savior.  Waiting.  Coming.  

All is calm.  

Merry Christmas. 


  1. All was wonderful! Love you and your post!

  2. That's a fantastic family photo!

    I'm so excited about your preparations for your newest baby boy and can't believe his birthday is so close!

    Love to you all as you celebrate the season and enjoy your school break. I know we're relishing our time off over here. :)


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