School at our Place

We are in our third week of school and it is moving along quite beautifully.  yay! (insert big sigh of relief)

This is where all the intense learning takes place.  In our historic naval home, there's a back porch that was closed in and finished off.  It even has the original windows on the wall, with brick that used to be the outside of the home....through those windows is the family room.  This room is full of bright light, a little privacy from the rest of the house and plenty of space to sit, play, or even stand to jump and get those wiggles out.  Or like today, we simply stepped out back and took recess outside.  Yay again for great weather and the beautiful white flag that HEAT has finally raised.

So.  We learn here.

And here.

We sit here and have our meeting in the morning, which officially starts our day.  It's a great time of traditional calendar talk, as well as praying together, reading books, and reciting our weekly memory work.  

If interested, our curriculum consists this year of a beautiful marriage between two opposites.  One side we have Abeka where we turn for Reading, Phonics, Writing and Spelling.  For Math, we use mainly Horizon (K) and Saxon (2/3), with a little sprinkling of Singapore.

On the opposite side is Sonlight which gives us loads of reading in Literature Read Alouds, History, Geography and a tiny wee bit of Science.

Both the boys mostly receive their Science from our home education center, as well as Drawing, Art, and Montessori play.  We swim often for exercise, ride bikes, and Big Boy has actually started practicing on a BMX track this Fall, hopefully to be racing soon.  Little Boy is beginning piano lessons, because he's been begging us since he was 3, and we finally decided he must be serious.  What fun!

Finally, here are the handsome bright students!  Our first-grader, kindergartener, and the littlest preschooler.  Their first day of classes at the center.  And the littlest one who wanted a picture, too, of course.  


  1. Your babes are beautiful Jules! I always wondered what homeschooling was must have the patience of a saint! Give your little ones a hug for me and tell Beau hello for me as well! I think of you oldest started at Pfeiffer this year! WOW! :)

    Stay in touch!

    Julie (Masalko) Lien

  2. Hey Julie,

    Everything looks so nice for school:) Can't wait to see it!

    Your quilt is in the mail.


  3. Another great read! Keep sharing, I keep reading and soaking up every word and picture! Oh how I wish we were there! Love you!

  4. SOOOO glad Little Boy is taking piano! Music has always been one of his "things."

  5. Yay for Homeschooling! I love how your table is set up for them. If only I had enough room to have that set up. I am glad to see that your kids are enjoying it!

  6. THis is the coolest post EVER! You are a rock star mom, Julz! Your boys are so lucky to have you for their mommy!!


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