Thinking about Easter

You are love, Jesus.  You equal love.  You don't just give love, approve love or offer love.  You are love.  Where love is, there you are.  Let me open my hands in worship to return love, glorify your love and receive more.  For you do no limit.  You give.  You give.  In a thought of defining you as uninvolved and closed, it's our own fear to draw close to the consuming fire of love.  For we fear you will do exactly what you  Perfect love.  Passion.  Love and never let go.  Forever.  And when we kick and scream and run, you're still there, unmoved and unchanged.  Holding.  Not even losing grip.  A love that scares, but offers up peace.  Freedom we will only know as we let go of our walls you never noticed anyways.  Walls, agendas, questions, bitterness.  You melt it all, if we let you in.

I see you on the cross.  Love.  The darkest moment in my heart is up there.  You're slaying it.  Sin.  Not just a wrongdoing.   No, the actions are the simplest part.  I see the cross and I see pain, grief, loneliness, fear, darkness.  The land went dark with the weight of it all.  I see my empty hands up.  Open.  The tomb, empty and open.  I look.



Empty.  I feel a breeze and your cloths, clean and white blow past my feet.  The emptiness is full.  Full of truth.  Victory.  Hosanna in the highest.

Empty Tomb - Easter Sunday Morning

It's not just that He fought death and won.  He fought your darkness and beat it.  That dark moment of anguish, pain.  A darkness in your heart you can't describe with words.  He battled that.  It lost.  He won.  As the rock is pushed away, the light comes in.  The darkness cannot take over the light.  And so is my life.  I  must roll away the rock, the wall.  I take it down and let His blinding healing saving love flow in.  His love.  My emptied life is the same victorious sight as the empty tomb itself.  My emptied heart I want filled with his holy, victorious love.

He is love.

there is love that came for us. 
humbled to a sinner's cross. 
you broke my shame and sinfulness. 
you rose again victorious!


  1. Julie
    Beautifully said & so very true!
    Love you & miss you.
    Thank you for sharing His Love. : )


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