the big kid

Wow.  Our Big Big is growing upward and onward.  I love these shots he let me grab of him.  Here are just a few.  His first semester of school has gone fabulous.  He enjoys the structure, making friends, and loves his amazingly gifted teacher.  The morning time of learning fits him perfect.  But there's no question he's delighted it's only half day.  Upon returning home...he runs our land, creates adventures, and digs away in the dirt all afternoon! 


  1. That last picture.... I could just look at all day long and it makes me just smile from the inside out! That is what this big guy does! I so enjoy your blog Julz, keep it coming! I also, am glad you are back.

  2. These are great snapshots of his personality.

  3. Oh man! Where do I start?! I LOVE all of these photos (darling boys and a talented gal behind the camera!) :) And I LOVE all of the "catching up". Happy Birtday, E! Little boy...not so little and B! Wow, what a big boy. Great posts, great. posts.


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