You're the highest bidder!

I've tested my luck with Ebay shopping recently. I've lost on quite a few items, but it's also been fun to win a couple. I've acquired a PBK crib bumper for $9.99. We had been using our original one obtained from the Big Boy's baby shower. I thought it was going to last, but it has seen its last day. The one I purchased off of Ebay is perfect, goes with our decor, in great condition and Pottery Barn quality without the pricetag. I've also won a total of 7 boys' polo shirts and 4 pairs of shorts. These are all from Children's Place or Gymboree. My deal on these was 3 shirts + 4 shorts for $9.99; then 4 more shirts for $22.00. Those got a little pricey, but are the highest quality and in the best condition. All in all, I've been pleased. I think my Big Boy's 5T wardrobe is coming together, thanks to Ebay. Although, I do fear now that I've had a few successes...I need to stay clear for awhile of searching what else is out there for sale. People sell the weirdest things. I guess I'm an almost wannabe garage sale junkie, but on Ebay...I don't have to rise and shine early on a Saturday morning.

Of course, though, I am always up with the sun. Just not intellectually engaged to walk garage sales if ya know what I mean.


  1. Wow Julie - Ebay is a great idea I hadn't really thought of :) I was excited for finding a fantastic teal sweater jacket from JCPenny's for about $3.00 today... perhaps i'll check out other avenues though in the future!


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