delightful afternoon

I love my boys. One is quirky. One is crazy. One is cautious. One is risky. Both are wonderfully created. As we ventured out of nap time yesterday and into an afternoon with no plans. The boys slowly found their own undertakings. B voluntarily grabbed the vacuum and went to work. I'm not referring to 'pretending to help', he really did clean my whole kitchen floor and enjoyed every minute of it. L, of course, found pleasure in playing with sport balls. This boys loves all things sports. Lately he's been creating his own games, cheering for himself, and running bases; all the while, sometimes done with an imaginary ball. I played catch with him yesterday in the hallway for a lengthy amount of time with a fake ball. He even decides at times if he catches 'it' or I threw it 'too high mommy'. I love my boys.


  1. we play imaginary catch a lot over here too. we should get L and M together, I'm sure they would have a great game!

    praying for you friend!


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