If They Only Knew

As I'm checking out at the grocery store this morning, a hilarious (to me) 4 second conversation happened. Now, the obvious fact is that at checkout is not the time my boys are on their best behavior. At this point, we've been there too long....their donuts and slices of cheese are long gone....and even grabbing a box of popsicles right at the end of shopping doesn't do much for them. They simply would like to leave. Our cart is finally fully loaded and both boys are not even in it anymore.....as we are departing...

Lady bagging my stuff: "Would you like help out with this today, ma'am?"
Me, the harried pregnant Mom: "No, thanks, I got it."
Lady: "Are you sure!?" (then glances at my 2 year old lying on his back, screaming on the floor...with no shoes, because he threw them far away near the exit, and I didn't go get them, I figured I'll just grab those on the way out."
Me, still harried and pregnant: "I'm sure."

Oh, was I laughing inside. I was 'that Mom'. People had to be staring at me, shaking their heads, thinking, "Why is that lady having more children?" Imagine if they knew it is another wonderful boy.

As we left though, I left with a real genuine smile. My head was held high. Almost as if I was laughing at them inside. If they only knew that this small moment does not define me as a mom nor does it define my boys. If they only knew the amazing happy times we have at home, they would not stare and feel bad for me. Yes, I feel I did it. I conquered the grocery store with a smile on my face.


  1. isn't this most likely the average mom's trip to the grocery? :)

  2. My favorite part is L's shoes!!

  3. I had the same kind of day at the commissary today. L melted down because I broke her cookie in half. You remember her shrill scream, right? Still got it. A sweet lady patted me on the shoulder and said something to the effect of "as if those people giving you sideways glances were never 3 years old..." That was nice.


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