Thankful Thursday

the joy of being in the unbreakable bond of the arms of Jesus. 

my husband.  he serves our country and provides freedom in ways most of us don't realize we participate in everyday.  i know i don't. 

new friends. since we've moved, gaining new friends has been slow here.  not frustrating.  just a slow process that I see purpose abounding.  but lately, new friends our sprouting.  

My Heart Is Filled....

provision.  in a remnant piece of carpet.  most of our home is hardwood.  but we've been slowly turning a large dinette area off the kitchen into a family school/work room.  but i didn't like the hardwood in that area.  i measured and headed to Lowe's.  i asked kinda half-hearted and defeated already. asked if they had any remnant pieces of carpet in the back that would fit my measurements.  he laughed too.  it's a big area.  but he looked.  then said, "lookee there".  there was one rolled piece, my exact measurements.  cost: $20. provision indeed.

tylenol.  seriously. takes those boys' high fevers right down.

Jonah. the Veggie Tale movie.  my boys have never taken to Veggie Tales, i don't know, i find them kinda confusing as well.  vegetables. bible stories. no arms. but Jonah the movie has been a big hit here lately and i'm reminded of God's big love for people everytime i watch it.

happy thursday.  be thankful.  it's the best remedy toward our worry, bitterness or confusion with life circumstances.  as we enter into thankfulness, our hearts bend toward the workings of a good God.  He's in control, let us be thankful.


  1. Love the heart picture! Thankful for your family, you are a blessing in our life.

  2. Good reminders Julie. Thanks. <3



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