The one where I start with ING words

sitting while boys watch a Curious George.

hoping taking them all to the library will be joyful, not embarassing.

praying for that thick skin of self-worth in Jesus, so I can go to the library.

wondering what my balance is at the library, I always have fines.

loving my husband.

healing from a very sore neck with 2 pinched nerves.

taking care of Big Boy who's been ill all week.

eating Grapefruit, baked with brown sugar on top.  My new love.


realizing winter in Texas is like summer in Maine.  It's short, annoying, and everyone is completely ill-equipped to handle it.  They just survive.  Maine has no air-conditioning.  Texas has no snow plows, or hats & coats for that matter.

needing the gospel.  every moment.

contemplating the small town girl I was raised to be, no matter what my current address says.

thanking our neighbor, who brought us 12 beautiful cupcakes last night, just because.

wondering what's for dinner.

knowing that's my responsibility.  dinner.

hoping for a babysitter sometime soon.

needing to go the eye doctor.

loving Jesus. 'Cause that's really the only way all this makes sense.


  1. how long do you bake the brown sugared grapefruit?
    There aren't ACs in Maine???

    I love reading your bloggity blog

  2. Ah, I also love Grapefruit baked with Br Sugar on top! I can bring you dinner. Praying daily for your specific needs right now aka neck and B's healing. Wishing I could be the babysitter sometime soon. Thinking JUST the other day and Wondering...if you have been to the eye doctor. Loving you with a Mother's Heart daily! As always, love your posts! Look forward to them! This one was great!

  3. jade. sweet friend.

    I do my grapefruit, sliced in half, and pre-sliced around edges....350degrees for 8-10minutes. Brown sugar on top during baking.

  4. Babysitter...CHECK! :-) Lovin' your family!

  5. grape fruit and brown sugar? really? hmmmm. i will have to try this.
    i like this post friend. hope the neck is feeling better.


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