The other day little L put sunglasses on around 8:30am, and he did not take them off until around 12 noon. He wore them everywhere! This included play inside, play outside, a car ride, a walk around the store, back in the car, and back home for more play. I had to sorta trick him into taking them off to eat lunch. It seemed he was totally unaware that he even still had them on. He was just enjoying life!

B has been very into the baby growing in Mommy's belly. He gets concerned when I eat certain things, like peanut butter, that it will get stuck on the baby's head. He enjoys lifting my shirt up to check on the baby and my growing belly. He informs me quite regularly that "your belly is getting really really big!". Sometimes, this cannot be that comforting when I'm only 12weeks. But nonetheless, very cute. Today he wanted to play of his favorite things to do. He was the doctor, and he measured my belly and listened to the baby's heartbeat. He even gave the baby a special dose of medicine through my belly button. He says, "Because even growing babies need medicine sometimes."

The hubbie and I are off to a free Lincoln Brewster concert tonight! I'm beyond excited!


  1. how precious! my little guy noticed my belly with only about 8 weeks to go and then it was lift the shirt, pull the shirt back down. up. down. over and over. yesterday he gave it a kiss. i tell him what it is, but i know he has no clue. i'm sure it is nice to have a little one who's a bit bigger to help you out with the concerns of pregnancy and PB getting stuck on the head. :)


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