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The End.

I love writing.  I write mostly to Jesus.  I write and I write and I write.

He listens.  So well.

And then He gently turns my fist-pumping confusion, questions, prayers for mercy, and praise for who He is amidst the darkness.  He gently turns it all toward Him.  About Him.

And so I love writing.  I hated grammar, English and Literature every single day of high school in college.  I never finished one book and got poor grades in Writing.  But at the age of 19, I met Jesus.  He sought me out and opened my closed tight heart.  I met Him and started writing in journals and haven't quit since.

When I started having babies and going through the adventures of being a military wife, I started blogging.  I was lonely.  Never alone, just lonely.  Whether it was a deployment, nap time, evenings all by myself, or a longing for intellectual thought outside of Little People....I began blogging.

But now it has ended.

My little, very small, part of blog world is coming to a close.

I blogge…
Recent posts

6 months

Sometimes there are just no words

that capture how sweet a 6 month old baby really is

they smile, coo, grab your face, snuggle your shoulder

they place their tiny one finger in their mouth as the sharpness of a new tooth sprouts

a 6 month old baby.  We love ours. 

Navy Family

Friends.  A rare treasure that makes them family when the men knew each other before there were wives, and we all knew each other before there were kids.  
This was our Fourth of July.  Which was a beautiful celebration of America, while living on a military base, with friends we serve and labor alongside.

eli and coen

Living Out of Breath

Phew.  I mean it's a bloggy blog world out there.  Pretty pictures, nice words, amazing things done and created.  I'm overwhelmed by it all a bit right now.  I can hardly keep up with my water quota needed to produce milk, let alone a nice picture paired with a witty blog post.  So here it is, drum roll please, a nice real glimpse of our beautiful life.  
We had visitors.  Grammy and Poppy.  Look at all those blue shirts and blue eyes! 

Coen has the best big brothers.  Look at that, forget picture books, the baby is moving right into chapter books.  

Lucas had a piano recital.  That's him on that big beauty of a piano.  Can I just say that getting our family ready for a piano recital was a beautiful thing for me?  It was.  I didn't realize it would be.  But halfway through it all, I realized that it felt just like getting ready for a ballet recital.  Fancy clothes.  Quiet observation.  No yelling, cheering, or go team! type open mouth pumping fists activity.  Not that…

How A Boy Turns 8

You sit on the couch and make your brothers point at you for the picture and to mark you big day. 

You open your gifts quickly.  

You look like a completely big boy next to your cake with an 8.  You have big adult teeth in your smile, consider your Dad your hero, still give your Momma hugs (but mostly just eat her food), and at times you may be found lounging on the couch reading a book.  

You tell your Mom to make a brown and green cake, and then you decorate the rest of it! 

You have a few of your favorite people over to celebrate.  

And you even let a sweet girl attend.  

After cake, you have your Dad put war paint all over your face with your friends.  Then you pose and look mean.  But you're still the sweetest 8 year old ever. 

And your day ends as you drive off in the sunset with many Dads.  Off to battle.  To fight for future boyhood. To brave outdoor laser tag, dodge bullets, roll on the ground, and feel this is so much different than turning 4 or 5.  

This is 8.  

Morning Talk with Eli

"I know who doesn't love God! The Grinch. "

"And I know who doesn't love chicken. Coen."

"And I know who doesn't love poop. Me. Cause it's stinky."

Said all in one breath.